Wedding Photography Information for Brides

wedding photographer searchPhotographer Listings in our directory were created to meet the needs of upcoming Brides and Wedding Planners.

Our Wedding Photographer Listings are searchable by:

  • Keyword
  • Country*
  • State
  • City **
  • Price Range
  • Business Name
  • Photographer Name
  • Years of Experience
  • Number of Weddings Photographed
  • Destination Weddings? yes or no or maybe
  • Video services
  • Languages spoken
  • and other services offered.

WPD is designed to make this one very important aspect of wedding planning easier and more enjoyable.

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* Listings are exclusive to photographers based in the United States for the time being.  We plan to add Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK in the near future.
** When the bride allows our website to determine what her general geographic location is, her search results for photographers will show a pin on a Google map with the distance in miles from her location.  This also requires the photographer to have added their location when creating their listing.