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What wedding photographers need to know about WPD.


Who is WPD about?

WPD about you. It’s about promoting your business, your craft, your art.

wedding photo memories are forever

What is WPD?

WPD is a website directory designed for the professional wedding photographer who takes their business seriously by actively marketing their business. WPD could be the competitive edge one needs even if it only results in one extra paying job per year. The average price for a full day’s coverage of wedding photography is over $2,000. The return on investment of a WPD Pro Membership is over 10 times the very affordable cost of membership.

Here are some SAMPLE LISTINGS which include notes on the use of text styles and Heading Sizes:

How does WPD benefit Professional Wedding Photographers?

The Wedding Photographer Directory site is actively marketed to both brides and engaged couples who are actively planning their wedding. Brides can create a free account which allows them to save Wedding Photographer profiles to their Favorites List while browsing the Listings of photographers in their local area. The Favorites List enables the bride or couple to return and compare photographer’s portfolios, styles, packages and prices.  Brides can then communicate directly with photographers through the website or click through to the photographer’s own website.

Today, Google and Bing are the leading search engines and are expected to be for quite some time. Search engines are in the business of providing high quality search results to their users so that the user will return to use their service again until it becomes habit.

Having a listing in WPD that uses keyword phrases like ‘professional wedding photographer’ to link to your website is noticed by the search engines, which typically take into account 20-40 different criteria to determine the organic ranking of a website in search results for any competitive keyword phrase. Local search will also take notice when keyword phrases tied to locality link to your website, like: Seattle Wedding Photographer, or Wedding Photographer in Boston.

Our research, which has covered thousands of wedding photographer websites, has revealed that where a photographer is located is one of the most obvious and most overlooked pieces of information on wedding photographer websites. Our website generates a Google map with location pins and displays distance in miles based on the user’s proximity to the photographers they are searching for. When you create your listing, remember how important I said this is and don’t skip past the task of adding your pin to the map, it only takes a minute.

Speaking of website research, we’ve uncovered so many other commonly overlooked errors in wedding photographer websites that we’ve created a very affordable Website Audit service comprised of over 20 different criteria that are also overlooked. This is a human generated report, not some automatic report spit out by a script. Naturally, we encourage all wedding photographers to have their website audited since their website is a reflection of the quality of their work. You can learn more about the value of this service by clicking through to Image Market’s Website Audit Service.

Why are we doing so much to help Wedding Photographers?

Why are we doing this? Weddings one of the most important events to celebrate in our lives, which are worth creating memories of for more than our lifetime, but for future generations. Weddings are a beautiful metaphor of the hope, communion, commitment and eternal love that is seeded in our heart from the moment of our creation. The art of making memories by capturing the many moments throughout a wedding comes with profound responsibility knowing that peole in the future are counting on your to provide the photos that generate authentic sentiments of joy and reflection.

When is the right time to join WPD?

We really don’t have to answer that, do we?  If you’ve read this far, and haven’t already found a better coupon, use this coupon code for 10% off any membership as a token of our appreciation for taking an interest in allowing us to help your market your website. ( coupon code= READMUCH? ) Now copy that coupon code and jump over here to start your Membership so you can benefit from publishing Listings promoting your craft.