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May 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding Photographers

Surprise Wedding Proposal at SunsetWhat could possibly be more awe inspiring than seeing a proposal happen? A recent trend finds that thoughtful grooms are hiring stealthy photographers to be at the right place and the right time to capture the moment when he pops the BIG question.

One online group bills itself as “America’s only nationwide proposal photography company” with a mission of matching grooms searching for ‘marriage proposal pictures’ with photographers in their area who are up for it.

Some popular ideas for wedding proposal photos and locations include:

  • A secluded outdoors spot that may have special meaning or is just plain beautiful.
    • At the beach
    • While watching the sunset
    • On a nature hike
    • On a mountain top
  • A favorite restaurant
  • At a sporting event
    • Televised?  You better be sure she’s gonna say ‘YES!’
  • The place where you first met.
  • While on vacation.
  • On a boat
  • Atop a tall building with a view forever.
  • Among friends and family.

Other well planned elements of a unique, surprise marriage proposal have included:

  • Flowers and champagne
  • A band or group of singers
  • A skywriter
  • A movie marquee
  • A newspaper ad
  • A group of friends who hold up signs that echo the question.

marriage proposal photographySo if you’re going to lengths to impress, why wouldn’t you want a professional photographer to capture the surprise, joy and fun forever?

Both the groom and photographer should be familiar with the chosen spot, have a good idea of what the lighting will be like at that time of day, know where the photographer will be positioned to capture both of their faces. There are no do-overs so the photographer needs to have 2 cameras with zoom lenses, large capacity flash memory cards, and needs to be setup in advance for burst or continuous high speed shooting mode for multiple frames per second (FPS).

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